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Hamilton Academy is an Illinois State Board of Education approved twelve-month private therapeutic day school for fifth through twelfth grade students (ages 10-21) with emotional disorders. We are also approved for other health impairments, traumatic brain injury and specific learning disabilities. Many of our students have also been identified as learning disabled. Our student capacity does not exceed thirty.

Hamilton Academy establishes that a student enrolled in the program has the potential to work through his or her problems and develop the skills necessary to be successful back in the mainstream. This is done in a safe environment with the support and assistance of our educational and therapeutic team in cooperation with the student, his or her family and the referring school district.


After a referral is made an interview is set up between the student, his or her parents and the director. The student and his/her family have the opportunity to see the school, what we have to offer and learn about the expectations. At that time both the student's willingness to comply with the program expectations and how well the student will fit with the current milieu are determined.

Giving Kids a Chance to Change . . .


Hamilton Academy has a strong educational base while also affording the students many opportunities to work on the issues interfering with their academic functioning. We teach using the Mastery Learning theory allowing every student to be working at his or her individual level and pace in each subject matter. Students are assigned an individual therapist and are also engaged in a variety of therapeutic groups offered throughout the week. Individual therapy and group minutes are based on the individual student's needs, IEP goals and age.



I welcome you to visit the program and see first-hand what we have to offer. I also welcome your calls to receive additional information or inquire about a specific student you may have who needs additional structure and services that cannot be offered by your school or district. I look forward to hearing from you.


Barbara B. Hamilton

Hamilton Academy Director



Notes from Local Educators


From a staff member at District 300. "Thank you so much for your help and support during Lisa's staffing. The programs at Hamilton Academy are really working for Lisa and it is heartwarming to see her successes."


A District 155 rep writes: "we are all very impressed with your program and enjoyed seeing it first hand. Your students are clearly receiving a well organized, very academic program replete with therapeutic services. We were especially interested in your attention to detail in regards to scheduling and point sheets."

Reps from several districts have stated that "Hamilton is the Cadillac of all the programs out there."


Crisis Intervention


Hamilton Academy recognizes that every student and staff has the right to feel physically and emotionally safe. Hamilton Academy does not accept students that require physical management to keep themselves or others safe. Hamilton Academy has a "hands-off" policy.
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